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Value Wave


Stock picking and the Elliott Wave pattern - Methodology

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The Personality of Stock Market Waves


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The Value Wave Stock

The Value Wave Stocks is an identification of stocks on the above model that are likely to progress upwards along the path of the 5 wave impulse pattern over a 2-5 year time horizon. With the market itself today in an advanced bull phase various stocks are at different degrees of the wave structure shown above. What therefore is critical is finding new ideas that are at an early stage within the pattern and attempting to participate in the move. The difficult part is that most investors [or should I say traders] do not have the patience or time horizon required to get the best out of unfolding pattern. Since time is a less exact study of the subject of technical analysis there are times when the upward moves have unfolded very fast and others where it has taken peoples patience before rewarding them. All the same if the identification is right the move unfolds sooner than later. Using this model its possible to plot the correct Elliot wave structure on a stock and confirming it with the current state of the business based on published data like the Audited annual report and quarterly results and news about the business. Because growth is a 3rd phase phenomena it requires no research but the patience of a long term investor.

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