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Castor Seed Deesa

There is an additional contract for Castor seed on Ncdex called Deesa that is at 4500. The chart is interesting. The entire 2011-2018 pattern is that of a triangle. And wave E is a wedge, so mostly complete. What has started then is a new wave that will first test the upper line at 4800 and if we can sustain above 4800 then trend channel projections are for 7000 or higher. Triangles are powerful patterns in commodities so we must pay attention.

castor 190718a

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      In 2009 I wrote that India entered an Economic winter and debt would be a problem. Not many agreed. In 2015 even as nifty is higher this view has played out perfectly in terms of the economic impact. Debt has become the centre-stage of all economic discussions. Below is the original update with the indicators that supported this view and still do and an explanation of the Kondratieff cycle so that you can understand where India is in the cycle. The Winter Update articles have been updating on the cycle and the data points as the winter wave plays out and keeps you up to date with the cycle. After the winter will be Spring the Real Birth of a New Indian Economy. Patience pays.

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    This New Category Publishes Analytical work from Guest contributors on Marco Market Analysis. Macro analysis is in depth work that connects the dots between markets with what is happening in the economy or specific Macro trends in the Equity Commodity or Currency markets in India and Around then world. These come from people with skin in the game and whose work is found to be worth sharing with the intent of giving readers a fresh perspective of the affairs impacting the market. These are not recommendations to trade but will add great Value and Knowledge to your Decision Making Process.

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