Weekend with Indiacharts - Episode #001

21 Mar 2021 ‚óŹ 09:30 AM

In this video series, we try to throw light on the market trends and what to watch out for in the coming week.

The discussion highlights 3 broad risk factors

1. Sector charts showing the risk of 5 waves ending

2. Bond prices nearing a bottom that can result in a risk-off trade in the US

3. The dollar bounce extends in wave 2 to a higher ground

What it misses is the news for the weekend, a new All-Time High in daily cases for Maharashtra/Gujarat that will inadvertently result in a train wreck. In fact, maybe we are standing in front of a running train given our approach to the crisis. We are not willing to risk a lockdown again and risking the spread of the virus exponentially till it becomes a national crisis. Some regions have imposed a lockdown but Mumbai is holding back so far. I wonder how long we can do so, given the continued rise visible on the India chart below.

For the rest of the discussion watch the video below or at the link in the Article headline above under the "Long Short Strategy Update"


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