Dow Jones

11 Sep 2020 ‚óŹ 06:40 AM

Some markets like the DJI also appear like 5 waves done - does that mean a larger pullback? The problem is that this does not fit a broad based index like the S&P 500 where wave 3 is the shortest if marked like this. But S&P is thte outlier here. I checked the Transports, Russel, NYSE composite and all count as 5 waves up. But Nifty looks like the 5th wave up is still pending in the overall structure. The completion of 5 waves means wave 1 of a lonter term bullish trend completes and we get wave 2 down. On the flit side can this go from being 5 to being 9 [5+4] waves in an extended rally? Have to be open till more evidence shows up

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