23 Jun 2016 ‚óŹ 05:50 AM

Now I do not live in Karachi, but way back in 2010 I put out two charts for a bull market. Sri Lanka and Karachi which I would have preferred to be in than India. Now over a year back I also put out the 4th wave for the Karachi 100 which is now complete within the channel and wave 5 up has started. So if you are in Karachi and can invest there have fun. Next stop is at the upper end of the channel at 55000, and as is with such bull runs it will throw over the upper line so 5=1 near 75000 for Karachi [from 38149 closing] is going to be a big move in the year ahead. It is good news for India-Pak relations because they are too busy in their own Bull market and we can sit here and Envy. Socionomic studies show that it takes negative mood as reflected in bear markets for people to pick fights. No such thing here.


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