Karachi - The real bull market

25 Aug 2016 ‚óŹ 04:28 AM

The Real bull market has been somewhere else in the world that no one notices or not many can invest in. So in 2012 I put out a forecast for two bull markets Long term still at work. One in Sri Lanka and the other Karachi. The Karachi index made the news finally last week for the new highs. But it should be noted that the index is up 4 fold since my forecast, and yes it beat the Nifty left right and centre. And it is not over. The index has just started wave 5 up this year and can go all the way to 60000 [channel line], or 5=1=80000. So if you live in or have access to this market, take the bull by the horns. And as far as some of the recent rhetoric about Indo Pak relations are concerned, there is nothing to worry, those things do not happen in bull markets.


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