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In a world overwhelmed by information media news and chaos, where research has become a support function for maintaining information and generating reports making buy/sell/hold recommendations, complete Market analysis will find its place in the Sun. We believe understanding the market is more important and that does not require a micro study, but a Macro study of the environment. In trading its all about sticking with the method through thick and thin, generating trades on an ongoing basis with the larger trend in mind. In investment its about finding a few ideas to hang onto with limited downside risk. You don't need a 100 investment ideas to make money. Just 2 will do. Nuts…


Rohit Srivastava

Founder and Market Strategist at Indiacharts.com®

With almost 30 years in the market, Rohit Srivastava is one of the most reputed market researcher. His continued curiosity powered by strong fundamental understanding of the markets enable him to perform unparalleled technical analysis.

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Rohit Sriviastava

Indiacharts started as a weekly update in 2001 and over the recent years there are daily and monthly updates and includes commodities currencies and stocks as well. Some of these market updates are now available only to “Indiacharts Insiders” a subscriber only section that has access to specified blog posts while other blog posts remain free for access to all visitors of the website.

Indiacharts® or Indiacharts.com® is dedicated towards Educating people about “Complete Market Analysis” using Technical analysis and its extention into the fields of economic and business data analysis to assess General market conditions. Forecasting of market conditions is based on past data be it historical trading prices and volumes or economic and published financial data of companies. We do not involve ourselves with meeting companies or businesses. It is based on publicly available information. We call this Alternative Investing in Professional circles.

ELLIOTT WAVE THEORY is used in conjunction with this data to plot long term economic and corporate business cycles of various markets but primarily the Indian market. Once long term cycles are plotted they are used to forecast the coming trends and drill down to the shorter term trends as well. Complete technical analysis involves use of Elliott Waves along with Momentum, Trend and Sentiment indicators. Its extention into economic analysis resulted in the Kondratieff cycle [Coined by Nikolai Kondratiev] and into company/business cycle analysis resulted in Value wave cycle [Coined by me].

Indiacharts uses a blog format for disseminating daily weekly and monthly updates on the above to readers. The work is based on Trend Analysis done by Rohit Srivastava based on the above models since 1991.

Indiacharts generates the highest quality of work used by Professional investors and Institutional investors in daily decision making and asset allocation strategies. However in our endeavor at greater investor awareness about alternative market research and wider access to higher quality work Indiacharts remained completely free for many years. Now some of the sections are part of “Indiacharts Insiders” a paid part of the blog that costs only Rs800 per month to access. The low cost makes it affordable to all class of investors be it students of financial markets or HNIs or Institutional investors.

The object of creating a paid section is to be able to meet the expanding demands from readers, widen its reach and to continue to raise the bar v/s what India’s research Industry has to offer.

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