26 Jan 2022 ‚óŹ 03:15 PM

Ahead of the event, this is the last possibility now in the Dow. Similar to my post on the S&P two days ago. Either we are done somehow and go up, else the recent bounce is wave iv and wave v of C down will be one last push lower before we go higher. This last push lower does not even have to make a new low. It could be truncated or a double bottom. It could be a slow decline and not the panic attack we have seen so far. Thus it may result in divergences with the CBOE VIX as well. All this will clear up in the coming days. A move above 35000 or more than 50% retracement of wave iii [at 34825] would reduce the odds of wave v pending and increase the odds that a new move higher has started.

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