S&P 500

21 Oct 2015 ‚óŹ 04:17 AM

S&P - There are two alternates working their way in World equities. One I discussed yesterday on the Russel which shows wave (c) up just starting and way to go. Some others like the S&P below share this structure the decline in Sept was wave (b) and not wave 5. Similar to that in India. In the S&P if I mark the dip (b) [note I showed a chart of hourly S&P in September where 3 waves down completed in a channel, I remember tweeting it], wave (c) up is going on and might be at the end, because it has retraced 61.8%, and wave v of (c) could be forming some kind of triangular structure, expanding or contracting triangle that can waste more time that price while other markets do their own thing. Will be watching this development closely for clear signals.


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