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A technical analysis program is always designed with an aim of providing what stock traders need to know to assess the market accurately. After all, it's their analysis that lets them decide whether or not to invest at the moment.

About Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

The Elliott wave technical analysis program has been personally designed and developed by market ace Rohit Srivastava who conducts live classes to help investors buy a strong investment portfolio. He not only imparts theoretical lessons but also includes real-life practical examples in the content for traders to develop an in-depth understanding of the theory and being sure of its practical applicability.

Pursuing a course on Elliott Wave Technical Analysis will help you be aware of the parameters to take into account to understand the market scenario well and accordingly decide when and how much to spend while trading stocks. Completing the program successfully will earn you a certificate, adding to your existing portfolio.

Elliott Wave Course Overview

When it comes to trading, the market needs to be studied well. However, most of the investors take this part of the process casually and proceed. If you are serious about preparing profits out of the trades you make, it is important to understand the market first.

Elliott Wave analysis course has been curated for all those who invest in stocks for profit and not just for losing money because of their negligence.

Given the current situation, IndiaCharts has introduced its online course for seekers across the globe to grab the lessons from anywhere they want. As soon as you enroll in the online course, you will be given access to:

  • 50+ video lectures
  • Lifelong mentorship by Rohit Srivastava
  • Lifetime access to live sessions
  • Discussion forums
  • Indiacharts certificate exam
  • Case studies
  • Self-assessment tests

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What is Eliott Wave Theory?

The Elliott Wave theory is a type of technical analysis that emphasizes recurrent patterns associated with the long-term prices of stocks given the changes in investor behavior that frequently occurs.

Ralph Nelson Elliott introduced the theory in the 1930s and it was named after him.

Elliott Wave theory indicated how people behave in market trends and how their behavior impacts the stock market.

The theory still finds relevance in the current trading scenarios and tends to be useful in determining how relevant would it be for investors to spend on a stock at a particular point in time.

Though the Elliott Wave theory could be complicated enough to understand initially, once the pattern of analysis is clear, you can easily figure out the tool.

This analysis helps investors in detecting impulsive waves that get reflected in the patterns along with the corrective waves that stand anti to the more significant market trends.

How does the Elliott Wave course help you?

  • This classical technical analysis program has been designed in such a way that even those who do not possess any knowledge of trade financial markets can easily grab the lessons.
  • The Elliott wave theory course is conducted by trading strategy experts who share their personal experiences and help you get an insight into the entire concept.
  • Starting from helping participants understand the entry points of the theory to identify superior risks associated with the deals to effectively manage them, the stock market aces let you get the hang of the entire theory.
  • With the help of this Elliott Wave theory course, you can easily assess the reward ratio and make relevant financial decisions relating to the stock market.

Who can take this Elliott Wave course?

The Elliott Wave theory course has been designed to benefit the intended participant who may (but is not limited to) belong to the following categories:

  • The ones intending to use the technical analysis for stock trading in the financial market
  • Investors intending to perform technical analysis for making a long-term investment

What are the objectives of the course?

The Elliott wave theory aims at making aspiring traders understand the basics of the financial markets and accordingly make smart investing decisions. This course lets you:

  • Identify and study different patterns with Elliott wave theory
  • Study the Elliott wave indicator
  • Detect important turning points in the market
  • Know about the ready-made trade setups that are suitable for all period and asset classes

What is the scope of the curriculum?

The Elliott Wave theory curriculum is developed to help you:

  • Start applying the technical analysis for short term as well as long term trading activities
  • Go through multiple real-life examples shared to make aspirants know how effectively the analysis has worked for renowned trading situations.
  • Being aware of the examples will help you apply the analysis to make better investment decisions.
  • Learn multiple technical analysis patterns derived from the Elliott wave theory.
  • Know that while some of the analysis patterns are complete and could be used instantly for profits, a few need to be assessed in relation to other market parameters.

What are the prerequisites for Elliott Wave theory?

To pursue the Elliott Wave technical analysis lessons, you need to have some basic criteria.

Though these are not necessary, having a bit of knowledge could add to your understanding of the concepts and patterns. Some of these requirements include:

  • Being aware of some basic financial terms, like stocks, stock index, asset, commodities, etc.
  • A bit of knowledge of technical analysis, though not mandatory
  • A decent internet connection for uninterrupted streaming of videos.

What is the course structure?

The course on Elliott wave theory based technical analysis is divided into four segments:

Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory

This section deals with imparting lessons on what is the theory all about and how does it help traders to make effective investment decisions. It emphasizes the overall structure of the theory and its implementation in the stock market.

It explains all the concepts of trading to ensure even an amateur investor understands the basic as well as an advanced concept well.

Motive Waves

This is the second segment of the Elliott waves theory course structure. It focuses on different wave patterns that represent and reflect the fluctuations in the stock market.

This section is covered under the below three categories:

  • Motive Waves
  • Extensions & Truncations
  • Leading and ending Diagonals
  • Diagonal Triangle

Corrective Waves

This section of the Elliott wave theory emphasizes the different technical analysis patterns related to corrections in the stock market. The entire segment is covered under the following labels:

  • ZigZags, double, and triple
  • Flat Corrections
  • Complete corrections
  • Triangles
  • Combinations

Elliott Wave Rules & Guidelines

This is one of the most important sections that explain various rules and regulations related to the Elliott Waves theory that investors should know about.

Understanding this part of the course properly will help you identify the patterns and set price targets for financial trading in the stock market.

This segment has been covered under the following divisions:

  • Three Elliott Wave Rules
  • Wave Equality/personality/ratio analysis Guideline
  • Guideline of Alternation
  • Guideline on Depth of Correction
  • Guideline on Trend Channels
  • Guideline on Triangles
  • Guideline on Fibonacci Relationships

What are the benefits of pursuing the program?

Having sessions with Rohit Srivastava will help you explore the hidden secrets of the stock market so that you can trade profitably. No matter which program you choose to proceed with, there are a few benefits that would remain common irrespective of the type or nature of the course you select:

  • You will learn the myths and facts about the market.
  • You will understand how to do position sizing.
  • You will learn the technical analysis techniques to apply in real-time.
  • You will know how to do risk management
  • You will learn to trade all asset classes, be it index, currency, commodity, or equity.
  • You will have an idea about the historical stock market events. This will let you analyze the past events and make sure you do not repeat those mistakes or do follow the tricks that reaped profits even in the worst market scenarios for investors.

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Final Words

This module, once completed successfully, will make you an expert on Elliott wave technical analysis. If you have been the one who believes that analyzing patterns is only effective for short-term trading, this Elliott wave theory program is going to change your mindset completely.

This advanced course will tell you how the Elliott wave analysis not only allows short-term investment assessments but also enables traders to analyze a long-term investment option properly.

Completing this course will let you be one of the best players in the stock market. Thus, refrain from guesswork and be particular about analyzing the market scenario and making investment decisions as per the assessment, rules, and guidelines followed in the stock market.