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Investing in stocks is not an easy affair as most people enter into trading with no knowledge of assets at all. However, one thing that they surely hear about is NIFTY.

NIFTY is a term derived from the combination of two words National and Fifty. It represents the market index that reflects the position of the stocks of an average of 50 largest Indian companies on the National Stock Exchange. NIFTY 50 is the name given to the market index hosted by the brand.

As one of the main stock indices in India besides BSE SENSEX, NIFTY 50 features stocks from 12 different sectors. The movement of stocks and assets as reflected on the index helps investors make better and more informed decisions.

At Indiacharts, we have a dedicated team of experts to analyze the stock market with respect to what NIFTY hosts. The Dow Theory and Elliott Wave Theory are used as the basis for modern technical analysis. If you are among those looking for a detailed technical analysis specifically for NIFTY, you can visit our reports by subscribing to our portal today.

Indiacharts's NIFTY 50 Technical Analysis Reports

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The NIFTY 50 technical analysis report is necessarily real-time. Indiacharts makes sure to study the trend over a period and generate a report valid for a specific time period. Of course, the market condition keeps on changing, and hence, the technical report for today might not be applicable for making decisions for the investments to be made tomorrow.

Through NIFTY 50 technical analysis, Indiacharts offers a real-time assessment of the market for money managers to invest in assets NIFTY hosts. To access the reports, however, individuals need to have our premium membership. The subscribed version will allow people to gain access to the detailed reports framed by the team of experts, who are responsible for helping investors understand the changes in the NIFTY price action properly and decide whether it's the right time to invest.

In addition, traders also remain updated with the latest news and happenings of the stock market. The data, graphical representation, and other details are also provided in the analysis report so that the investors do not have to follow the assessed results blindly. Instead, the details help them analyze everything themselves based on the signal lines and candlesticks.

About NIFTY's Technical Analysis

With Indiacharts, you will find the best tools deployed to capture the exact condition of the financial markets with respect to NIFTY 50. Through technical analysis, the past price action and trends are studied properly to forecast the future price movements of assets, including stocks, futures, commodities, indices, or any other financial instrument.

The technical charts are prepared based on the past data contained and the frequent fluctuations being recorded in the current market. With a zero-line strategy, trading price charts are prepared for different assets to help individuals identify the entry point to achieve good returns.

A signal line graphically represents the market condition and the current value of assets in accordance with the same. If it's a bearish signal, investors understand that asset prices are falling continuously. As a result, they opt for selling the financial instruments as the number of buyers would be more at that point in time.

How Indiacharts Prepares Nifty's Technical Analysis Report?

When you trade, Indiacharts is the most reliable source to refer to for the latest market updates. The strategists working on the analysis and the ace, Rohit Srivastava, himself is well aware of the fact. Thus, they all ensure taking into account different tools and technical indicators to assess different market parameters and examine the current trade patterns.

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For Indicharts, accuracy and trust are the keywords. As a result, they prepare reports and generate trade signals depending on the conclusions derived using Bollinger Bands, an effective technical trade analysis tool, and other technical indicators, including Money Flow Index (MFI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence, etc.

Believing in the trend is not that easy and that too, when there are so many instances of false trading signals, leading to huge losses for traders. Thus, Indiacharts has worked hard to establish the trust factor among people who show faith in the name and collaborate with the strategists here to figure out the latest market trend. To make sure it keeps on fulfilling the desires of the traders by letting them keep a check on the rise and fall of the stock prices, multiple indicators are used.

What Technical Tools & Indicators Are Used?

From daily analysis to weekly, quarterly, and yearly analysis, these technical tools and indicators ensure assessing the market in the most efficient way. Here is a list of a few activities that can be well predicted using certain indicators, which Indiacharts uses to generate NIFTY 50 analysis reports:

Use of Elliott Wave Principals

The Elliott wave technical analysis program has been personally designed and developed by market ace Rohit Srivastava who conducts live classes to help investors buy a strong investment portfolio. He not only imparts theoretical lessons but also includes real-life practical examples in the content.

Read more about: Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Course for Stock Trading

Predicting Price Reversal

Trend lines, support and resistance levels and Fibonacci retracements are the indicators that predict the possibilities of the prices to bounce back. In short, these are used to figure out the potential price reversal points. At times, the prices are moving down continuously and suddenly, there is an upward movement, which might be temporary. That's the time for traders to sell their assets at a higher price and earn profit.

Indiacharts' real-time analysis reports utilize the above indicators to figure out the exact bounce so that traders are prepared to make their next financial move.

Predicting the Direction of Price Movement

Momentum indicators, such as MACD, help in assessing the market to understand the trend, thereby recommending investors to follow the trend for a better return. These indicators consider the overall price movement to check if it's upward or downward. As a result, it might miss out on tracking the trend signals of the current price movement and lag behind. But they let you remain in sync with the market for buying and selling decisions.

Predicting Price Rise & Fall

Momentum oscillators, Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Stochastic enable traders to measure price momentum and keep a check on the limits to which the prices would move up and down. Analyzing the signals would let you be prepared for the future buying or selling of assets.

Predicting Market Instability

Volatility indicators measure the degree of instability in the movement of asset prices over a time period. High volatility symbolizes an unstable market, while low volatility means stability in the price movement.

  • Bollinger Bands compares the current price in the market to its moving average, and
  • Chaikin volatility compares the highest price range to the lowest price range.

When you trust Indiacharts, you can be assured of getting the latest updates on the stock market to your mobile phone and instantly make efficient investment decisions. Through the website or app, you can gain access to daily technical analysis reports for NIFTY 50. In addition, the traders can also have a look at the video updates prepared by Rohit Srivasata, the ace strategist at Indiacharts.

Srivastava never misguides traders. if the market is not positive for money managers, he recommends the best ways of dealing with the negative scenario efficiently. Thus, Rohit Srivastava is not only an educator but also a guide and mentor for people interested in knowing the market well and also thinking of investing in better NIFTY stock deals.

You just need to subscribe to Indiacharts and you will get to enjoy access to all daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly NIFTY analysis reports instantly. For every point you get stuck, you have your mentor Mr. Srivastava ready to lend his support and help you with his expertise in the field.

So, subscribe and start your stock market investment journey today.